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Communicating your message is hard. Whether it's a new product or service you are launching or a promotion - how do you communicate it efficiently to your target audiences? People don't have time to read through pages and pages of information. And even if they do, their attention needs to be captured quickly and hence the need for video.





Your customers are constantly bombarded with information and images eating up their attention. This leaves you with very limited time to explain your value proposition. At SCOPIC we create videos that brings you results. We keep them short and concise so your viewers can quickly learn what you are all about and how your products will add value to their life.






Ever had to send your customers a PDF or word document to try to explain how to set their new product up or how to use, and they still can't get it? Well, try sending them a step by step video, which we will come and make for you to your requirements.

Latest work


A product demonstration

Lyvia Electrical Advert

This short video advertises a neat little product. The client needed something that would show off the features and benefits and yet still be cinematic and interesting.


Event video

Strongdor Product Installation Video

This company approached us wanting a video to show their customers how to install their products. At the time Strongdor only gave out written manuals but now they can show their customers exactly how it's done.



Roman Garages Event Video

For this client, we filmed them at their stand at the NEC then created a short event overview video for their Social Media campaigns.

Western Global Animation

This client needed  end of year send off video to use on a social medial campaign. We created it in under two weeks and they loved it.


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Here's why we do what we do

SCOPIC is a revolutionary approach to video marketing. We will lead the charge for a smarter approach to videography by harnessing the perfect blend of knowledge, creativity and innovation.


It’s not about just pointing and shooting for us, our process revolves around putting in the necessary groundwork to ensure the creative output drives the desired ROI for our clients. We achieve this through our tried and tested three-step process:


Bulletproof Strategy


It’s absolutely crucial that we understand your objectives, which is why we initially spend time with you, delving into your business and building a solid strategy.


Intelligent Creation


We provide a complete end-to-end solution, from storyboarding and planning through to shooting and editing. We’re only happy with the result once you are.


Optimised Returns


Our service doesn’t end upon completion. We have a team of experts who can advise you on the best way to achieve the best return on your investment and maximise visibility.

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